Old Dominion Model A Ford Club 

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Follow our 3000 mile trip to Michigan and back in the Boomer Magazine.

Local outings:

    Fire Extinguisher (Required by our Club)


    Insurance Card

    Quart of Oil

    Gallon of Water

    First Aid Kit

    Flash Light


    Channel Lock Pliers

     Needle Nose Pliers

     Feeler Gauge

     Screw Drivers (Philips and Straight)

     Wire Cutters

     Open end Wrenches

     Crescent Wrench

     Tire Pressure Gauge

     Hammer (small)

     Jack and Handle

     Tire Pump

     Tube Patch Kit

     Tire Iron

     Model A Engine Crank

     File (For Points)

     Knife and Razors

     Hack Saw (Or to save space just Blades)

     Test Light


     Two way Radios

     Amp Meter

     Distributor Cam Wrench

Advice for Planning an Extended Multi-day Trip Prior to the day of departure all vehicles going on the trip must be checked at a Tech Day.  A small-parts kit should be assembled. A First-Aid kit should be assembled. Distribute to all participants a check-list of major parts needed for the trip and determine who will be bringing each item.    Make sure parts are included for either a Zenith or Tillotson carburetor as well as modern and original points and condenser Prepare and distribute a cue sheet in advance of the trip including distances between major towns and lodging accommodations with addresses and phone numbers.   Participants should assume responsibility for making their reservation at the designated hotels in advance of the trip.   Participants should assume responsibility for reviewing the cue sheet and obtaining maps or a GPS device to plot the trip prior to leaving.   Distances projected to be traveled each day should not exceed 200 miles.  Number of days for a trip should not exceed 10 days.  Walkie Talkie communication is essential.   All devices must be checked before the trip and set on the best channel for clear transmission.   All travelers must practice using their Walkie Talkie with other participants before the trip to make sure they all “Talkie” to one another.  As a backup for communication, make sure all participants have one another’s cell phone numbers    Every participant should have a reflective safety vest to wear during likely-to-occur roadside seminars.   Every car should have, in addition to a fire extinguisher, one or more safety flares.  

Due to limited storage space in most "A's: On tours the club will survey its members and

assemble as many of these parts as possible. Each member may be asked, if space permits, to  

carrying some of these spare parts.

The club has begun assembling a "Tour Parts Box" which will have some of the items you would

never expect to need such as nuts, bolts, small gaskets, and wire. As we experience different

needs, parts will be added. This box will be maintained by the club president and then issued                   to a Tour Leader as trips are scheduled.


Below is a list of tools and parts suggested to be carried on tours. Our club has prepared an emergency spares kit to take on our tours with many of the below items.

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    Radiator Cap

    Gas Cap

    Water Pump

    Spark Plugs



    Distributor Cap



    Plug wires

    Distributor (If going on a long trip)


    Head gasket

    Cut out switch

    Exhaust clamp

    Lug Nuts


    Rope and or Bungee Cords

    Cotter Pins

    Axel Key

    Electrical Tape

    Duct Tape



    Lights (assortment)

    List of Model A Clubs on route