​​A majority of these tools were purchased from a major supplier of tools and parts for the Model A. These are loaned to club members only on a first come first served basis. The club, its officers or members do not guarantee these tools or liability for their use. It is the responsibility of the borrower to use their best judgement and ability to use these tools. If you are not familiar with or the proper use of a specific tool then please seek a club members advice. 

The below list is Brattons description and listed with their Part #

Rear hub seal driver. Use this tool to help you install the grease seal #1560 to the correct depth for the snap ring installation. Tool only no seal.

Front Hub inner/outer race installation tool. Use this tool to easily install both the inner and outer race into the front hub without damaging the race surface. Tightening the nut will draw both of the races into place. Hub and races are sold separately.

Spoke straightening tool. Use this tool to help straighten the bent spokes on your wheels.

Brake shoe installation tool. This is the easy way to stretch the brake spring on the backing plate for installing or removing the brake shoes. Hook the tool to the end of the brake shoe. The handle provides leverage to rock the shoe in or out of the brake wedge.

Front brake lever shaft bushing reamer. This .559 reamer is fluted 13 inches long to reach both bushings in one operation

Bushing Reamer for rear brake camshaft and emergency toggle lever bushing. This .688 reamer is fluted 5 inches long to reach both bushings in one operation. Custom made for these applications for us in Canada.

Bushing Reamer for rear brake camshaft and emergency toggle. This .688 reamer is fluted 5 inches long to reach both bushings in one operation.

Front spindle bolt bushing reamer. This .814 reamer is fluted to reach both bushings in one operation. Custom made for us in Canada.

Tie rod and drag link plug tool X2. A large screw driver blade tool to be used on the tie rod or drag link plug. Heat treated. Use 7/8" wrench or socket.

Spring and perch bushing driver. Use this handy tool to help remove and install new bushing in the following parts: Front & Rear Spring Bushings, Front & Rear Spring Perch Bushings, Rear Brake and Camshaft Bushings.

Head nut torque tool X2  (One hand Made). Use this tool to eliminate the need to remove the distributor when you torque the head nuts.

Rear axle seal driver. Slide new seal on tool, screw YOUR pipe into other end of tool. Insert tool with pipe into your axle tube. Seal will be placed in correct position, then hit end of pipe to set seal. 1/2" pipe thread.

Rear Spring Spreader. Includes a bearing at each threaded end for easy turning to open spring. Can be used for both Model A & T FORDs.

Front spring spreader.  Can be used for both Model A & T FORDs.

Engine Head Puller. Includes studs to screw into the spark plug holes on the head and nuts

Compression tester. Allows you to adapt a modern compression tester to use in the stock Model A spark plug hole. Correct compression is 55 to 70 lbs. psi. There should be no more than 6 lbs. variation between cylinders.

Stock camshaft nut wrench. Use this special steel tool to remove or tighten the cam nut #8790. Use a 1/2" socket wrench to remove or install nut. Be sure the nut is on tight when you finish. Re-tighten to 100 foot pounds after turning engine over a few revolutions. Keep with car on long trips.

Ratchet nut wrench. Use this wrench on the ratchet nut to help you turn the engine over. A great help when you are looking for top dead center for timing.

Valve Spring compressor tool . This steel tool will compress the spring to remove or install the valve keeper.

Oil pump holder tool. Use this tool to temporally hold the oil pump in the block when you drop the oil pan, by extending the screw on this tool into the groove on the oil pump.

Brake & Clutch pedal bushing driver. Use this handy tool to help remove and install the bushings in both the brake and the clutch pedals.

Clutch Adjustment Arm tool. Use this tool to help grab the clutch adjusting arm. It is designed to hook over the arm to allow you to remove the clevis pin.

Clutch Disc alignment tool X 2. Use this tool to align the clutch disc during assembly; Place correct side of disc (shortest side of hub) against the flywheel. Install the pressure plate with the twelve bolts. Do not tighten bolts. Using the alignment tool, center the disc on the pressure plate and insert end of tool into center of pilot bearing. Torque the bolts to 25 foot pounds and remove tool.

Water pump wrench  X2. Special wrench to tighten the large packing nut.

Fan knock off tool. Remove the water pump housing from the head. Remove the nut & cotter pin from the shaft. Screw this tool onto the shaft. One person will hold the fan blades with the tool pointing up. Hit the tool with a hammer several times to vibrate the fan from the shaft.

Special Jet Tap. For Model 'A' and 'B' Zenith Carburetor. Cleans the threads for all jets and idle adjustment threads. This is a quality high speed tap, another one available on the market is a 10/32 tap, which is close, but not the correct size. This is a 5 MM, 75 pitch tap which is the correct size the French company, Zenith, used when making Ford's carburetors.

Set fuel level in carb. Turn fuel valve off, drain gas from carburetor bowl as you remove drain plug. Screw test sight tube into drain hole. Turn fuel valve on. As gas fills carburetor bowl it will fill sight tube to the same elevation as inside the bowl. The fuel level should be 5/8" below the seam of the halves of the Zenith carburetor. Adjust float level by adding gaskets under float valve (14340 or 14341). On Tillotson set the float level at 1” above the machined surface of the carb top when the top is held upside down in your hand.

Ignition spark and coil tester. This device uniquely shows ignition spark presence and coil polarity while engine is running. It shows by high intensity flashing lights that spark is present, or spark is not present, or polarity is "right", or polarity is reversed. The Spark lite works with ALL types of spark ignition systems: points or transistor. It indicates properly with 6 or12 volt, positive or negative battery systems. Instructions for use are included. Genuine NU-REX.

Voltage tester. A simple test device to determine the spark voltage and ignition system condition. This tool indicates problems in the ignition system; low battery, defective coil, bad condenser, resistive points, wiring, etc. An additional use of the "C" Spark is to clear and start engines that are flooded with gasoline. Instructions included.

Distributor cam wrench. This wrench has two bends in it so there is no need to remove the distributor body. Fits directly onto the cam for adjusting.

30 ton Press

Tools donated or loaned to the club for members use

Wheel Puller - Large

Model A rear fender brace for painting

Sears Timing Analyzer

Sears Timing Light

Gage - Compression Tester with spark Plug adapter Model  # 161 217101

Gage - Compression Tester, Serial # 900404491

Engine Stand - no wheels

Air Tool - Central Pneumatic Serial # 372861613

Gas Gage Removal tool

Guide studs to align flywheel when mounting (hand made)

Studs to align installation of oil pan to block

Carburator leak tester

​Torque Wrench

Brake adjusting tool

Valve Lapper - To lap valves to match seats. Need lapping compounds.

Brake lining General Riveting set. Used to reviting linings to your brake shoes.

Oak Wedges to aid in removing engine head.

Mandrel to hold hole saw bit. This is used to drill off swedge on wheel studs to remove hubs.

Swedging press for brake drums

Club members wishing to loan Model A related tools or materials, please go to HOME/CONTACT and let us know.

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