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Horn problems?

​I just had the armature replaces with a NOS unit, and the fields rewound.  He did an excellent job and it sounds great, for $85.00 plus shipping.  Contact information is:

Bill Randall

7129 Oriskany Road

Rome, NY 13340

​(315) 336-8841

​Call him before you send him your horn to make sure he's not too backed up.

Timing Your model A

These two links are Les Andrews giving a seminar showing exactly how to time you Model A.  They both need to be viewed and are well worth taking the time to watch. Make sure you view the videos in fill screen (click on the box at the borrom right of the link).


​Excellent sites to help you with repairs.


Those interested in contributing to meeting tech talks, please call David Levine for scheduling.


For all, this is a true issue that you might face in gasoline choices somewhere in the USA. Take heed and listen to the advice about possible engine damage by using this new blend being promoted in some places by the EPA. It just might come in to the service station where you purchase fuel.






If you need pinstriping done on your car Billy Puckett, 3212 W. Grace St., Richmond, VA (804) 254-5609 did a great job on my Cabriolet.  His prices are reasonable (he charged me $200.00 for the job) and he can work you in pretty quickly.  He is also very good at matching existing colors.  

Stew Wolfe


A member recently reported this problem.

A replacement Pitman Arm was suspect in an accident causing injury. It appears that the ball, as it was installed on the arm, could have been installed incorrectly. Once these parts separated there was a complete loss of steering. Please check yours to see if it is a one piece or was the ball pressed on to the arm. If the ball was pressed on, see if it was welded on the back.  

We have no further info on this problem. As stated above this is a suspect problem.

Les Andrews

Model A Ford

Mechanics Handbook

Found at most resource stores

Don't buy it from Amazon (it's much

cheaper at Bratton's).

Bratton's Antique Auto Parts

1606 Back Acre Circle

Mount Airy, MD 21771


Use a battery maintainer on your  A.  Not only will you be assured of a fully charged battery, but you will see extended battery life too. Not all battery maintainers are created equal; a good one (Battery Tender, etc) will run $20-25.

 Bruce Haynes

Technical Drawings

Tech Tips Corner