Old Dominion Model A Ford Club 

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We cannot do a roadside repair on this vehicle!

Car insurance is required for all cars participating in or on any club events.

        No exceptions

Some of the top items that go wrong on tours causing delays was recently published and advised to keep track of. See if you may have these issues.

Timing Gear

Condenser failure

Points closing

Overheating/water leaks

Head Gasket

Loose wheels at lugs

Loose wheels at hub

Bulb issues (Made in China)

Flat Tires (new tubes from China)

Fuel Leaks

Fan Belt

‚ÄčItems Falling off

Make sure you are insured. This could happen to you!

Fire Extinguishers

We have all seen or heard of Model A's catching fire. Two common causes are usually electrical (battery cable shorting out) or gas (leak around the carburetor or fuel line). Though the location is a concern the results are the same - FIRE.

A little insight to gas - Its vapors are what burn and not the liquid itself. Vapors will develop from the evaporation of gas. Gasoline will readily evaporate at -45 degrees below zero. It will also ignite around 536 degrees F. Now look under the hood of your "A". Two potential areas of fuel are the carburetor and the fuel line. What is more important is their location close to the manifold and above the exhaust system.  A properly running "A" engine's exhaust system temperature shouldn't be above 550. Engines that are not in tune can run much higher and commonly backfire. This combination of fuel and heat leads to fire. There are basically 4 categories of extinguishers. Each is designed to handle different types of fire, wood, paper, gasoline, oil, electrical etc. You can find the extinguisher that will best fit your needs by reading the info provided with the unit. For the Model A the Class B extinguisher, which handles flammable liquids, is your first choice. But because fires spread, it could include items in the vehicle such as cloth, paper, and wood. Extinquishers rated both Class A and B or A,B and C are even better.

After choosing your extinguisher, read the instructions on its operation and use. This could save your "A" and you.

As a side note, our club requires an extinguisher in every vehicle when participating in any club function.


Before any major mechanical work is performed on the drive train, place a note in your car reminding you to grease those fittings. Sometimes we are so happy a job is finished we forget the important things. 

Fuel Lines

Watch those gas lines from the firewall to the carb. Like Henry built it with steel is the best material for a gas line from our understanding.

Do not use copper or plastic.


Just a reminder to everyone. Your model A came from the factory with a windshield made with safety glass. No other glass in your vehicle has this feature. Most of the suppliers carry replacement safety glass for side windows. This should be on one of your future wish list.


We received word recently of a possible issue with replacement balls on pitman arms.  When the ball is replace it needs to be pressed on to the arm and welded into place.  A Model A in North Carolina was being driven when the ball detached from the pitman arm, causing the driver to lose steering, and consequently, control of the vehicle.  The driver was killed in the ensuing crash.  If you have a pitman arm witha a new ball, please inspect it to assure that the ball is welded to the arm and not just pressed on.