Old Dominion Model A Ford Club 

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Antique Engine Rebuilding                             Engine Rebuild
Model A & B with Inserts
4835 Louise
Skokie, IL. 60077
Club member: Gene Tallone, Dennis Stone

Dick Crabtree                                                   restors pop out switches


​Club Member: Ralph Motter

Schwalms Babbit & Bearing                           Good work and Customer Svc.    
Club Member: Jim O’neal

"A" Springs                                                      Springs
P.O. Box 330322
West Hartford CT. 06133
Travis Cook Owner
Club member: Gene Tallone

Vintage Auto Flagholders                               Flag Holders
P.O. Box 878
98 Highland Ave.
Oaks, PA. 19460
Mike Jones Owner
Club member: Gene Tallone

Reliable Carriers, Inc.                                     Auto Transport
Auto Transport
41555 Koppernick
Canton, MI. 48187
Mike Klawitter
734-453-6677 ext. 6205
Club member: Gene Tallone

Modern Radiator                                            45 years repairing and replacing
1001 East Bank St.                                        Brass T Models to Kennworths     
Petersburg, VA. 23803                
Matt Carden Owner, is a real craftsman. Great prices and excellent service.
Club member:  Lowell Fast, Sam Watkins, Bruce Haynes, Archie Marks

Tyree’s Wires                                                 Wiring harness and elec. parts
2693 Crewsville Road
Bumpass, VA 23024
804-556-5200 or 804-929-6515
Club member: Archie Marks, Dennis Stone

L & S Radiator                                               Radiator Flush & Repair
4801 Bethlehem Road
Richmond,VA 23230
(804) 359-4617
Club Member: Jack Haar, Dennis Stone

Brass Works Radiator                                    Radiators
Club Member: Jim O’neal

Charley Butler                                                 Carb Repair
Front Royal, VA
(540) 305-7444
(540) 305-7459
Club Member: Jack Haar per Tyree Harris

Charlie's Carburetors                                      Carb Repair


(502) 543-9546

(502) 298-1731

Club Member: Stew Wolfe, Ted Treece

Lee Chatterton                                               Upholstery
6589 Central Ave
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913
(501) 525-8727
Club Member: Jeremy Smith, Archie Marks

Ray’s Upholstery and Restoration               Upholstery
709 Johnston Willis Dr.
N. Chesterfield, VA 23236
John DiNardi, Owner
804 794 0795
 Club member: Gene Tallone

LaBaron Bonney Upholstery                         Upholstery
Club Member: Jim O’neal

Virginia Restoration                                         Body and Mechanic
16916 Hull St.
Moseley VA. 23120
Dan Costello, Owner
804 608 1476
Body and Mechanical shop
Club member: Gene Tallone

Ballos Precision Machine                                Engine rebuilding, Machine work, Welding,
3020 Lincoln Ave, Richmond, VA 23228

Contact Stewart
Phone: (804) 264-5563
Club Member: Sam Watkins, Bruce Haynes, Archie Marks

Automotive Manufactures Inc.                       Brakes relined,         

2400 Lombardy St.                                          Starters, carbs, Pressure
Richmond, VA                                                  plates, water pumps, reline                      

321-6861                                                           brakes  and Generators
                                                                          rebuilt & More                    

Club Member: Charlie Gills, Archie Marks

Mel Gross (Randy Gross)                               Steering box conversions, Generators, Starters,

California                                                          Alternator Kits, Brake Drums, Brake Shoes,

(714) 292-8660                                                  Emergency Bands, Rebuilt Backing Plates,

                                                                           Water Pumps, Distributors, Hubs

Club Member: Stew Wolfe, Ralph Mahtar, Charlie Gills  -  Randy is great to work with and has good parts and a good price.

Bratton’s Antique Auto Parts                        Model A Parts
1606 Back Acre Circle
Mount Airy, MD 21771
CLUB MEMBER: Bruce Haynes, Dennis Stone, Archie Marks

Snyders Antique Auto Parts                          Model A Parts
12925  Woodworth Road
New Springfield, OH 44443
Club Member: Jim O’neal, Archie Marks

AC&R Tools & Performance                          Model A Performance Parts
Club Member: Jim O’neal

A&L Parts Specialties
Canton, CT
Club Member: Jim O’neal

Coker Tire Company                                      Tires and Wheels
1317 Chestnut Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Club Member: Dennis Stone

Kelsey Tires                                                    Tires
Club Member: Jim O’neal

MoJo Artworks:                                               Paints & Restores License Plates
944 Hazel Lane
Augusta WV 26704
(304) 496-8936
Business website:    mojoartworks.com
Club Member: Jack Haar

Powder Coating Solutions                             Powder Coating Painting
Waynesboro, VA
Club Member: Jim O’neal

Staples Automotive                                       Paints, Ditzler Automotive Custom Mixed Paints

1907 Boulevard                                              Also Auto Parts

Colonial Heights, Va


Club Member: Sam Watkins

Mitchell Mfg.                                                    Overdrives
Club Member: Jim O’neal

The below list of vendors was provided by our membership. These are companies that have provided a service which they feel was acceptable. If you have question we suggest you contact the club member/s who recommended the vendor to help you to determine your options.