Old Dominion Model A Ford Club 

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FOR SALE:   $16,500
This is a pretty and classic antique vehicle, approximately 95% restored and driveable now. Mechanically sound. Great paint, the interior has been re-worked some to allow space for a 6'2" driver. The original seat is in place and all interior original parts have been saved and go with the car. Rumble seat is in great shape. The engine is strong, it starts on the first try. Compression is 50 plus lbs. in each cylinder. The cooling system has been flushed and checked out, there are no known issues. The manifold has been resurfaced and there are no exhaust leaks. The entire brake system, from the ground to the pedal has been replaced over the summer. LED taillights installed this summer. New tire and inner tube on left rear. All fluids have been replaced.

This car is ready to go now. If you have ever wanted a classic vehicle this is the one to have. We bought it to play with, we did, and are now looking for a new toy. All serious inquiries will be answered.

​More info: Call Don 804-690-6229 or indyward@gmail.com

Qty: 8 Availble

Qty: 1 Availble

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Have a favorite shirt style in your closet. Add the logo for $8.00

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Club Jackets

Price: Depends on style

           Includes Logo

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Shirts, any color, includes Club Logo.

Price: Depends on shirt style. This shirt is under $18.00 w/out name.

Car Banner. Double Ribbon ties on each corner.  

(12" X 17")

Qty Available: 6

Price: $20.00 Each

Car Badge Plate:

(3 1/4 X 4 1/4)


Qty Available: 16

​Price: $10.00 Each

International Model A Patches     (3 1/2")

Proceeds of patches benefits MAFFI

​Price: $5.00

Jacket Patch: This is a small patch (3" X 4 1/2").

​Qty Available: 1

​Price: $5.00

Many times during the year we receive calls advising us that someone, somewhere, knows someone who has or may have a Model A or parts for sale. We do pass this info on to our members and if space permits and content is appropriate, we may post on this site. We do not guarantee the validity or conditions of any products. If you are not a member and are looking for cars or parts, please call one of our officers.

Club members, are you looking for that special part or car? Advertise on the WEB site. Its your WEB Site and it is free. Call Dennis or Stew to add your request.


​         Items that Club Members are looking for.

Service Station gas Pump - Dennis Stone- stoneagent@verizon.net


Service Station Air Pump - Dennis Stone -stoneagent@verizon.net


FOR SALE:   Freshly rebuilt Model A engine, that was rebuilt and bought from Schwalm's Babbitted Bearings in Strasburg, PA.  I bought this engine last Mar/Apr to use while my original engine was being rebuilt over the last year.  This engine has 187 miles on it and is ready for some nice spring and summer driving and will last for many many years to come.  It has Total Seal Rings and the crank, rods, and pistons have been balanced together for less vibration.  It also has modern valves and tappets.  This is a strong engine that has just been broken in and ready to go.  I have the receipt and paperwork on this engine...Engine will come as a long block, minus the oil pan.  Engine is still in the car as of now...  Call Jeremy at (804) 536-7968

FOR SALE:  Club member Bob Kurzman is going out of the Model A new and used parts business. You will find hard to find and standard parts for the Model A collected over a forty five year period. Call Bob at 840-276-2615 to see if he has what you need.

FOR SALE:  Tire cover with Ford Logo. This is well worn and has tire tread marks bleeding through. It still makes a good cover for your tire or in a garage display. $10.00