Old Dominion Model A Ford Club 

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2018 Tours & Events Schedule

Meeting held at Sheehy Ford, 10601 Midlothian         Turnpike, North Chesterfield, Va.


Gene Tallone, President           804-739-4830

Charlie Gills, Vice President     804-320-9272

Jack Haar, Director                   804-227-3015 

Linda Stone, Director                804-350-9779

​Jim O'Neale, Director                540-894-3832

Sam Watkins​, Director               804-272-2241

Henry Nelson, Scribe                 804-795-1673

​Mary Ann Nelson, Treas.           804-795-1673


January 21       2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford

February 15     9:00 AM    Breakfast at McLean's

February 18     2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford

February 28     9:00 AM    Breakfast at Joe's Inn Bon Air

​March 18         2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford

​April 14           12:00 PM   Spring Banquet, Location - Keagan's in Short Pump

April 15            9:00 AM    Model A & T Day Deep Run Park

​April 24            9:00 AM    Keystone Tractor Museum

​May 12           11:00 AM    Victorian Days Parade Bon Air

May 15             9:00 AM    Breakfast at Joe's Inn

May 19             8:00 AM    Cars and Coffee - If it rains, it's cancelled

May 20             2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford

May 25           10:00 AM    Federal Reserve - Must sign up with Stew

June 10            2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford

June 11              9:00 AM    Bacon's Castle 

June 13          10:00 AM    Brunch at McLean's - Shopping in Carytown to follow

​June 21            9:00 AM    Antiquing on 460 - Lunch at ????

​June 23            All day       AACA Car show and Swap meet

June 25          10:00 AM    Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

July 4               All Day       Drive those A's and display your flags and celebrate

July 9               9:00 AM    Breakfast at Joe's Inn

July 14             8:00 AM    Cars and Coffee - Regency Square

July 15             2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford

July 26            10:00 AM   Picnic at Pocahontas State Park

August 1           9:00 AM   Breakfast at Joe's Inn

August 14       10:00 AM   Brunch at McLean's

August 19        2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford

​August 21        9:00 AM    Breakfast at Joe's Inn

August 25        9:00 AM    Tech day at the Stones (350-2438 for info)

September 9    2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford (Notice change of date)

September 10  9:00 AM    Breakfast at Joe's Inn

September 14                    Model A Day at MAFFI Museum

September 15  8:00 AM    International Model A Ford Day - Drive your car

September 15   11-4         Art Deco Picnic (7 vehicles allowed so get your request in)

September 15   8:00 AM   Governors Car Show (Call Bruce Haynes for updates)

September 16-21              MARC National Tour - Elkins, WV (Call Stew Wolfe for info)

September 21   9:00 AM   Field Days if the Past, Rockville 

September 21   6:00 PM   Grace St 7 Jazz Band,Prohibition Concert (Call Sam Watkins)

September 22  10:00 AM  McGuire Veterans Hospital Car Show

September 22  All Day      International Model A Day (Drive your Cars)

​October  6        12:00 PM  Gauthier Vineyard (Veterans in the Vineyard) Free

October 20         9:00 AM  Children's Hospital Open House

October 28       2:30 PM    Meeting at Sheehy Ford (Note date change)

November 11   2:00 PM    Veterans Day Laying of Wreath, Historic Chesterfield CH

November 18   2:30 PM     Meeting at Trackside Grill Ashland (Prior to Christmas Parade)

December 9    11:00 AM   Annual Church Hill House Tour

December 15    TBA         Club Christmas Party with a great meal and lots of fun

​                                          Brio Tuscan Grille, Stoney Point


Stay Tuned for More Trip Opportunities

Please Call any of our Officers of the Club or members with questions.