Old Dominion Model A Ford Club 

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2021 Calendar of Events

Until we have a better understanding of the covid19 issue we will be working on a modified

2021 Tours & Events Schedule

Please call one of our members for any event which are subject to schedule changes.


David Levine, President            804-651-9202

Sam Watkins, Vice President    804-272-2241

Jack Haar, Director                    804-227-3015 

Linda Stone, Director                 804-350-9779

​Jim O'Neale, Director                 540-894-3832

Henry Nelson, Scribe                 804-795-1673

​Mary Ann Nelson, Treas.            804-795-1673

​​​​​​​January   7      9:00 AM      Breakfast at EAT33 Staples Mill Road CANCELLED

January 17      2:00 PM      Meeting Location TBD CANCELLED

February  4      9:00 AM     Meet at MCDONALDS-Road Trip (No contact) COMPLETED

February 21     2:00 PM     Meeting Location TBD CANCELLED

March  4          9:00 AM      Breakfast at EAT33 Staples Milll Road

​March 21         2:00 PM      Meeting Location TBD

April  1            TBD AM       TBD Tour NWS Facility in Wakefield, lunch at Cowling's

                                                                 Sausage & peanut stop at Adam's Store,

                                            (Bruce Haynes, Leader) 

April  4             TBD AM      Easter Parade, Monument Ave (Jack Haar, leader)

​April 10           10:00 AM     Tech Day at the Stone's

​April 18             2:00 PM      Monthly Meeting Location TBD

May  1             Tentative      Roaring 20's steam, gas and Model A Show

                                                                 James River State Park, Gladstone, Va.

                                            Joint Club project w/the Williamsburg Club

                                            (David Levine, Leader)

May  6                    TBD      Tour to Wakefield, Washington's birthplace, Westmorland

                                            Co Lunch at Wilkerson's Seafood, Colonial Beach. 

                                            (Bruce Haynes, Leader)

May 15             4-7   PM      Hanover High School Cruise-In

                                             Followed by pizza at Brunetti's (Bruce Haynes, leader)

May 16             2:30 PM      Meeting location TBD

June  3             TBD AM     Tour to visit Canal Museum in Roanoke Rapids, NC

                                            Lunch at Ralph's (Bruce Haynes, leader)

June 13            2:30 PM      Monthly Meeting at location TBD, meeting date moved                                                           because of Father's Day.                                          

July  1              TBD AM      Tour of the Aerial Delivery School & Quartermaster,                                                                Museum Ft Lee (Bruce Haynes, leader)

July 18             2:30 PM      Monthly Meeting location TBD

July  31            1:45 PM                AACA Ice Cream Social at Reggie and Cindy Nash's

August  5        10:00 AM     Tour Port Royal, Lunch      Meet Hardies Ashland                       

                                            (Bruce Haynes, leader)

August 15        2:30 PM      Meeting location TBD

September  2     TBA          Tour of VPI Extension Service Farm in Nottoway County,                                                        (Tobacco harvest) lunch in Blackstone.  (final date may slip,                                                  based on crop conditions) (Bruce Haynes, leader)

September 11 10:00 AM     Tech Day at the Stone's

September 18 10:30 AM     Art Deco Society's Gatsby Afternoon Picnic at Wilton House                                                  rain date Sept 19 (Stew Wolfe, leader)

​September 18  10:00 AM     52nd Annual Richmond Collector Car Show and Swap Meet,                                                St. Joseph's Villa - Richmond (Leader TBD)
September 19   2:30 PM      Monthly Meeting location TBD

​September 25 10:30 AM      Art Deco Society’s Gatsby Afternoon Picnic at Wilton House -                                               Rain Date September 26 (Stew Wolfe, Leader)
October  7        TBD             EAT 33 Staples Mill Rd

October  9       2:00 PM        Autumn Leaf Rambler Excursion, Buckingham Branch RR,                                                   Dillwyn, Va (will need to purchase tickets well in advance for                                                 this trip) (Sam Watkins, leader)

October 10       2:00 PM       Monthly meeting, TBD (Meeting date moved as Sheehy Ford                                                 is closed the third weekend of October)

October 21        TBD            Fall Leaf Tour, (Stew Wolfe, leader)

November  4    9:00 AM       Breakfast at EAT33, Staples Mill Rd

November  6      TBD           Ashland Train Day (Beau Dabney, leader)

November 11    1:00 PM      Veterans Day Ceremony at Old Chesterfield Court House

                                             (Dennis Stone, leader)

November 21   12:00 PM     Monthly meeting & lunch in Ashland

November 21     1:00 PM     Ashland Holiday Parade (Bruce Haynes, leader)

December  2      9:00 AM     Breakfast at EAT33 Staples Mill Rd.

December 12   TBD             Church Hill Holiday Tour & Lunch (Bruce Haynes, leader) 

December 18   12:00 PM     Tanglewood Ordinary. Monthly Meeting and Annual 
                                             Holiday Luncheon (David Levine, leader)