Old Dominion Model A Ford Club 

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​"Biltmore or Bust" Our 2016 Annual Tour, or "No we're not going to a parade, we are the parade!"

​​Our 2016 annual tour is now in the history books.  Five cars and eleven members braved rainy weather to depart from the Richmond, VA area on Monday, May 23rd.  Within a couple of hours we had outrun the rain and were in absolutely beautiful weather.  Our first night was spent in Jonesville, NC, where we were treated to dinner by our hotel.  Tuesday morning we left bright and early to head for Asheville, NC in time to spend some time at the Biltmore Estate.  We arrived, checked in to our hotel, and loaded up to go see the gardens at Biltmore.  Dinner was filled with good food, lots of laughter, and good friends.  Wednesday was spent touring Biltmore House.  We were given permission to bring the cars to the front of the house for pictures and got absolutely mobbed by the guests, who thought that Biltmore had set up the display.  Pictures turned into over an hour of displaying cars and telling people about them, and our trip.  People really enjoyed our cars!  We went antiquing after Biltmore and then headed back toward our hotel to get some supper, spend the evening relaxing and spending quality time together.  Thursday before we left Asheville, we went by the Grove Park Inn to see it.  We were pleasantly surprised to discover that they have a very nice automobile museum on site.  We spent an hour, or so, looking at the Inn and touring the museum.  Once we finally left Asheville we travelled over some great Model A roads, going through Tennessee, up to Abingdon, Virginia, where we had tickets to the Virginia State Theater (also known as The Barter Theater).  After another great meal, and a funny show, we spent another night chatting and laughing.  Friday morning it was time to go to Roanoke.  Our route that day took us over some very mountainous terrain, which taxed our cars and drivers at times.  It was a wonderful drive, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.  We were scheduled to go to the National D-Day Memorial, but decided to postpone it until Saturday morning.  Archie and Vicki hosted an impromptu party in their suite, which was enjoyed by all.  Saturday we visited the D-Day Memorial (a fitting time to go, on Memorial Day weekend).  The D-Day Memorial was a moving experience for all of us, and should be visited by everybody.  We arrived home late Saturday afternoon, tired, but happy we went.  The slideshow below displays some of the pictures we took on the tour.